• in company training : fits you like a glove

    A customized training is always available when you want it, is usually cheaper as of 4 persons and guarantees you results in daily practice. Along the course, your delegates put the theory in to action. Result : much more measurable effect, in a shorter term.
  • Learn. Improve. Learn to improve.

    Offering training, advise and documentation we keep clients on track persuiing excellence. Improve your quality, security, environment, people management. Improve your general management and personal skills.


  • Training: focus on practical use and efficiency

    Training presents itself in many forms : workshops, training programmes, conferences, seminars, theatre productions, ...

    Thanks to a no nonsense approach, you'll use the knowledge the day after.


  • Consultancy: a helping hand

    The introduction of a management system, obtaining a certificat, optimizing processes, or a behaviour change project …: 25 Amelior business experts help you get results, reliable and efficient.


  • Amelior, for everyone

    In the industry as well as in gouvernment, medical sector or services, we help you improve any department on any level. From board to workfloor, Amelior supports by training consultancy or documentation.

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  • Amelior in figures

    • 50 employees
    • 6 000 participants in 350 training programmes each year
    • 1300 member organisations
    • 350 consultancyprojects
    • ISO9001 and IIP (Investors in People) certified